Nothing like wearing a new pair of heels

Hai!! My ICONIC Darlings!

I am back from vacation and never felt better!  Ready to create again!  I wanted to share a couple of  items with you. The New Diktators are out!  YAY! Love LOVE LOVE them, so much, my puppy is envious! :-D.

These sexy heels are a must have. The Shoe hud is so easy to navigate; in a matter of a few clicks you have pure hawtness on your feet!  So many colors to choose from that is very hard to choose.   So… I had to have them ALL!  It makes no sense to get just one!  How else am I going to match all my other ensembles and color combinations!?!  *Blank Stare*  (  For those who Humm and Haww over a purchase…. Look here.. I use to be that shopper  who purchases that one color; thinking it will go with everything and keep it moving… That is so not the case now, have you seen what the content creators are producing today and you want one color!?!  Mhmm. SO!  Just close your eyes and right click the Fat Pack and purchase. Because the colors are on point.. POINT… BLANK… PERIOD.. enough said….!!! )  


Enough of my ranting.  Scroll on down and grab the link  and prepare to elbow your way to the sim to grab the latest Heel hitting the grid now. You won’t be disappointed!



Sexy summer Heels

Tp to Diktator

Oh!  One more thing!  ICONIC Revolver will be releasing soon.. so stay tune for the blog post! 🙂


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