ICONIC release!

A Belated Happy New Year to you all!

2012 is bringing in new looks, concepts and ideas to ICONIC. It has been over a month since I have released a new collection. In part, it was for me to take a step back and look at what I have designed overall; from textures, techniques, scripts and style. As many of you may have seen on my face book page. I have been deliberately commenting on going slowly; testing, redesigning, testing until I felt like this release was ready to be released. I want to thank my ICONIC Family & team for putting up with my pickiness, Nev-a-tude, redesigning and stubborn self! LOL! It was all for you ICONIC ones, because I was going to sit on this release until I got it right. 😛 My goal this year; is for you to be thrilled with this release and future releases to come. With that said, let us get on with what has changed and the new styles!

-0L demos!

Why spend your store credit on demos when you can spend it towards your favorite style (s)!?!

-4 New Color packs! I am very proud of these new textures – numerous hours in Photoshop were spent to get these looks, I absolutely love them and I hope you do to. These new textures will only be in the new hair styles for 2012 (and more colors to come!).
-Removal of the tinting option (for now) inside the hair (new release only)
-Fat packs! I have introduced fat packs for those of you who want and need every color. The pack is a great value, you get all the colors at a reduce rate- by purchasing all 4 color packs for 1000Ls, get a color pack for free.
-New Hair bases! O…M…G… these were a challenge, but as we say…”HAWTNESS!” The new bases I have created will be sold with the new hair styles. Note these were made to match the new collection Only!
Group Gifts- Will be still only be available to those who have join the ICONIC COUTURE in world group. (You just have to wear your tag and touch the vendor.) – The Group Gift will drop within the next few days!

And without further Adieu… ICONIC GLAM is here…



ICONIC Tiadraa

ICONIC Tiadraa




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